• BACTEST Wins Low-Carbon Award - Shell Springboard 2015

    “We’re proud that Shell Springboard supports start-ups like Bactest, who are truly at the leading-edge of the low-carbon economy." ~ John MacArthur, Shell Vice President of Gas Technology

  • Case Study: Evaluation of Shepherd Wastewater Management System

    Read all about our sturdy Shepherd at work!

  • BACTEST Named SME of the Year 2014

    "BACTEST is changing the face of the world as we know it, so I feel it is the worthy winner of the Business SME of the Year award." ~ Myleene Klass

Shepherd is an Activated Sludge Monitoring and Management System that floats in an activated sludge lane and automatically samples every 60 minutes calculating an accurate BOD5 proxy every hour.

In addition Shepherd transmits data to a Cloud based dashboard that can be accessed via the web and gives process engineers and managers a “bird’s eye” view of all of the plants where Shepherd has been deployed.