Financing Shepherd

In order to offer its customers attractive payment options for Shepherd BACTEST has teamed up with finance boutique Decarbon Capital Ltd.

Decarbon specialises in providing investment for businesses to lower energy consumption and costs. This boosts profitability and helps businesses remain as competitive as possible while reducing exposure to volatile energy costs. By being more energy efficient Decarbon clients find it easier to cut energy costs and carbon emissions by demonstrating tangible measures to lower footprints from lower energy consumption and wastage.

Funds are available for both the implementation of new projects and the refinancing of completed ones. Decarbon unlocks profits by investing in energy initiatives that its clients want but can't justify or invest in a timely fashion. Decarbon takes the investment risk but shares the benefits with its clients.

Companies that wish to deploy Shepherd may choose to work with Decarbon who would purchase Shepherd and provide it to waste water companies free of charge in return for a pre-negotiated percentage of revenues saved by reducing energy consumption.

Decarbon has global reach and is able to provide finance to projects in most geographies.