Shepherd is an Activated Sludge Monitoring and Management System that floats in an activated sludge lane and automatically samples every 60 minutes calculating an accurate BOD5 proxy every hour. This is displayed on the control panel adjacent to Shepherd so operators can take action to reduce aeration. In addition Shepherd transmits data to a Cloud based dashboard that can be accessed via the web and gives process engineers and managers a “bird’s eye” view of all of the plants where Shepherd has been deployed. Hourly emails from Shepherd mean that remote plants can be easily monitored without costly visits.

Uniquely Shepherd gives plant operators hourly information that enables them to turn the blowers down saving electricity and carbon footprint.

Shepherd can also identify toxic events and on a typical plant (100,000 PE) over a 5 month period

Shepherd predicted potential savings of over £40,000 pa and has identified:

  • Five ops issues (e.g. heavy rain, RAS stopped, blower malfunction)
  • Three toxic events (incl. primary sludge carry over) 
  • Four equipment failures (mixers, blowers)

In addition Shepherd:

  • Had no ragging or fouling
  • Required not maintenance
  • Was extremely robust