Features and Benefits


  • Fully automated data capture system, no need for constant operator intervention
  • Microbial activity and BOD is converted into operational advice about aeration requirement
  • Near real-time data capture and analysis
  • Three communication scenarios including:
  • Local display at the side of the Activated Sludge Plant
  • Cloud based Dashboard for remote access
  • Hourly e-mail updates from Shepherd – can be viewed on smart phones
  • Access to historical and trending data available to process scientists
  • Backup facility to prevent historical data loss
  • Warning system when conditions deviate from design, or for toxic events
  • Robust, low maintenance sensor
  • Accurate and repeatable sampling method that avoids build-up and ‘dead spots’ in the lane


  • Delivers assurance that the activated sludge process is operating optimally
  • Reduces operating costs including energy usage and site visits
  • Allows operators to react quickly when abnormal conditions affecting consents
  • Gives operators accurate information when implementing process changes
  • Remote monitoring saves manpower
  • Empowers operators to make more informed decisions based on operating history
  • Dashboard data accumulation and trending for improved operations
  • Cloud implementation for scalability
  • Minimal installation and maintenance overheads